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Holographic Wills

A Pennsylvania holographic wills lawyer is there to assist you when you have questions about the most appropriate type of will to put together to put protect your loved ones.

Often wills are selected in order to articulate what you want to happen to your assets and belongings after something happens to you. Make a plan for your life and beyond with a will and with a power of attorney.

Without a will, you leave your loved ones to fight over things and for the court to make a decision about how to handle your estate. If you don’t have a clear will, or if you have multiple versions of your will, this increases the chances of litigation.

Failing to put together a will of any type could prove problematic for your loved ones, leaving the court in the position of responsibility to determine what happens to your belongings. This is one reason why people begin to investigate identifying planning materials. Contacting a Pennsylvania holographic wills lawyer is your first step. A holographic wills lawyer in Pennsylvania can advise you about whether or not this a tool you should use and help you to keep in mind numerous different aspects of this planning opportunity.

A Pennsylvania holographic wills attorney is a great person to guide you through the process and to help you with updating your will as need be. A holographic will is officially a hand written will that is completed without any witnesses present. Very few states do recognize holographic wills, although Pennsylvania is one of them.

Drafting without the support of a knowledgeable holographic will attorney in Pennsylvania could be very problematic and this could mean that your will is not recognized as valid after the fact. All too often, a document that was drafted with the best of intentions but has critical errors or omissions could lead to litigation in the Orphan's Court in your county in Pennsylvania. Furthermore, handwritten wills including the holographic will you create can raise questions about forgery and require people to get handwriting experts to verify this was indeed in your best interests. Many people choose to use a self-proving will rather than a holographic will. A self-proving will is used with two witnesses and has an acknowledgement that is sworn to by those witnesses. Those witnesses are responsible for verifying that the testator was the person who signed the will, that it was created willingly of his own voluntary and free will and that each witness was in the hearing and sight of a testator when he or she signed the will. Such an acknowledgement is notarized.

The use of a holographic will, while accepted in the state of Pennsylvania, does not always mean that the will is accepted as is. This can prove problematic after the fact and since you won’t be around to help clarify what you intended by having such a will, it is strongly recommended that you have an attorney to assist you with drafting any and all wills. If you must put together a holographic will, make sure that you update yourself about the various rules and regulations in the state of Pennsylvania in order for a will to be seen as valid.

Doing your own due diligence and doing everything possible to minimize the chances that someone could challenge the validity of your will is strongly recommended as this could cost more money and greater frustration for your loved ones after the fact. Schedule a consultation with an experienced holographic wills lawyer who understands what is necessary when drafting into these important documents and one who can help it advise you about what to anticipate and many of the most common challenges that lead to issues for people who have the need to craft a will today.

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