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Estate Litigation

Do you think you need to take legal action because something in an estate hasn’t been properly managed? This requires a talented estate litigation attorney with practice experience in Pennsylvania.

An estate litigation lawyer in Pennsylvania is the first person you should contact if you believe you have grounds to challenge the validity of an existing document or if you are concerned about initiating a dispute like a will challenge. Unfortunately, an estate litigation attorney in Pennsylvania may be necessary to resolve a broad variety of issues. Even though most people would prefer to resolve these issues outside of court, that is not always possible, and this is one leading reason why you need a Pennsylvania estate litigation attorney.

A Pennsylvania estate litigation lawyer will answer many of your questions about the litigation process and help empower you with the appropriate information to decide whether or not to bring your case.

Estate litigation can arise as a result of many different types of grounds, all of which you can discuss first with your attorney. If you think a POA has acted of his or her bounds, action can be brought.

Whether you are beneficiary of an estate or an heir of an estate, a family member who has been unjustly denied an inheritance or an executor or trustee whose actions are being challenged; you need to be represented by knowledgeable counsel. You may have clear concerns that you have been unjustly removed from a will or a trust that was unduly influenced by someone else. You might also believe that your loved one was subjected to a financial elder abuse by caregivers, a stranger, family member or a financial advisor. In other situations, you may need to initiate estate litigation in order to remove a trustee for financial mismanagement, breach of fiduciary duty, improper accounting, misappropriation or other issues. Furthermore, you could even be a creditor who is owed money or an executor or trustee of an estate who requires guidance or someone who needs support in defending against legal challenges. There are many different types of estate litigation, all of which can be especially complex if you do not have the support of an attorney who is highly knowledgeable in this area of the law. It’s very easy to get in over your head if you are not familiar with the various types of estate litigation challenges and what could be required of you if you have been named in a dispute. If you are a current beneficiary and believe that you need to build the grounds for a case to show that existing estate planning documents are not accurate given your issues surrounding possible undue influence, you need to gather appropriate evidence and share this with a knowledgeable lawyer. The support of an attorney will help you to craft a compelling case that shows to the court why you have specific grounds to challenge a will, challenge a trust or raise questions about the current management being carried out by an executor or trustee. The support of an attorney is instrumental in helping you to put together your case, since as the person alleging wrongdoing, you will need to show proper evidence to the court about what you allege happened. It is your responsibility to have ample evidence in your corner to illustrate the concerns that you have and to share this information in a clear fashion with a court such that your case is made clearly from the moment that you need to allege some type of wrongdoing. It is imperative to schedule a legal consultation with an attorney immediately to understand the specifics of your individual case and this can help you to clarify your next actions.

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