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Information Contained in Petition

A Pennsylvania information contained in petition attorney is a valuable asset to have in your corner when you are involved in any phase of the probate administration process. When a petition is brought to the court, this does not guarantee that it will be accepted as is. Adding in errors or excluding information that belongs in the petition will delay the proceedings unnecessarily.

Most people have a goal of getting things done right the first time around, and that’s why retaining a lawyer should occur sooner rather than later. A lawyer can spot mistakes that you might have overlooked and ensure that all submitted paperwork with the petition is as accurate as possible to avoid denials and delays. If you’re getting ready for probate administration, the details matter, so your lawyer should be talented, familiar with this area of the law, and ready to help you file.

The information that must be submitted to the court has to be organized and clear.

An information contained in petition attorney in Pennsylvania will help to answer your questions and ensure that all of the paperwork and evidence you are presenting to the court, as well as any disputes that arise during this time period, are managed effectively. There are several different types of information that must be included in a petition when an individual intends to open an estate. Certain information is required in order for this petition to be accepted. First of all, a petition for the grant of letters must contain the following statements made under oath:

  • If the decedent died without a will, the name and address of the surviving spouse and relationships, addresses and names of other heirs.
  • If the decedent died with a will, whether the will was modified by circumstances that occurred after the date of the will, such as adoption, birth, marriage, death or divorce.
  • The decedent's age, state, country of domicile, name, last residence, and place and date of death.
  • The estimated value of the decedent's personal property, and estimated location and value of their real property located in Pennsylvania.
  • If the decedent was not living in Pennsylvania, the estimated value of their personal property in Pennsylvania, their true domiciliary state, and the estimated location and value of any real property in Pennsylvania.
  • Any other facts necessary to entitle the petitioner to letters.
  • The address and name of every person requesting letters.

This information is further outlined under 20 Pa. C.S. 3153 and Pennsylvania Court's Petition for Grant of Letters Probate statutes. Gathering all of this information can be overwhelming, particularly if the person appointed to serve in the role of initiating the grant of letters was a friend or family member of the deceased. This can be an emotionally difficult time during grieving and it is strongly recommended that a probate administration lawyer be retained sooner rather than later to advise this individual about his or her role and what to anticipate in this seemingly complex process. The insight of a knowledgeable attorney is extremely beneficial for an individual who is overwhelmed with the prospect of serving in this role and who might not realize the necessary information that must be gleaned and organized as soon as possible.

A person who is serving in this crucial role of estate administrator must be prepared the various aspects of protecting their own liability as well as managing the estate administration process as soon as possible and with minimal or no disputes filed by other individuals during this time. An attorney can help to guide an estate administrator through each phase of probate administration.

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