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Avoiding Probate in Pennsylvania and Probate Disputes

A Philadelphia avoiding probate in Pennsylvania attorney can help you minimize the chances of litigation and disputes down the road by cutting out the possibility for money, time and hassle in the future. Probate court proceedings can be confusing, expensive and lengthy. This is why so many people take steps to spare their families the hassle. You need to understand the different options available to you in Pennsylvania. A probate administration dispute attorney may be a person that you will need to contact if you believe that a will was improperly written or signed, or if you have other grounds to contest estate planning documents.

One of the most common ways to avoid probate in Pennsylvania is through a living trust. A Philadelphia avoiding probate in Pennsylvania lawyer will help explain to you how this process works. An avoiding probate in Pennsylvania attorney in Philadelphia will explain to you that options such as joint ownership, payable on death designations for bank accounts and living trusts are all tools frequently used by people who are looking to avoid the probate process. A living trust helps you avoid probate for practically every asset you own. Bank accounts, vehicles and real estate all apply. You would name someone to serve as a trustee after you pass away, known as a successor trustee, and then you would need to transfer ownership of the property into the trust. All the property is then controlled by the trust and the successor trustee is able to transfer it to the trust beneficiaries without having to go through probate court proceedings.

Another option available to you is joint ownership. If you and someone else own property together, and this includes right of survivorship such as joint tenancy or tenancy by the entirety, you can avoid the probate process. Certain payable on death designations can be added to items such as a certificate of deposit or savings accounts. You can also use transfer on death items, including registration for securities, registration for vehicles and transfer on death deeds for real estate. Even if you are not able to do any cleaning to avoid probate, small estate probate procedures may apply. If you believe that you have discovered grounds for a probate contest, trust dispute or will challenge after another person has passed away, you should set aside time to speak to an experienced estate administration lawyer to get a better perspective on how to proceed. You might be eligible to pursue a lawsuit on behalf of yourself and other beneficiaries who have been harmed because of improper procedures. The support of an attorney is instrumental in figuring out what to do next and how to protect your best interests.

When you attempt to avoid probate, one big reason for doing this also includes trying to avoid probate disputes. When your family members should receive your assets quickly because of the hard work you did in advance, this can make a difficult time slightly easier on all your loved ones. But if they are in the midst of paying legal fees in an effort to avoid disputes, the costs can be significant. That’s why you want to talk with a lawyer in advance to put items in place to protect your plans.

If you don’t do this, however, and beneficiaries find problems in your case, this information could be used to file a probate dispute. It’s imperative that you have a lawyer helping you with your claim to avoid concerns in the first place.

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