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Forgery Will Challenge

Do you think someone forged a loved one’s signature on a will? If this is true, and you have evidence on your side to show it, this information should be shared with a court. It could have a big impact on whether or not the current version of the will stands in court. If you’re an interested party and have concerns that a will’s signature was forged, it’s up to you to take steps to protect yourself.

A Philadelphia forgery will challenge attorney is there to advise those people who believe they might have grounds to pursue compensation because a will was allegedly forged. In the context of a will contest, it is important to understand what forgery does and does not mean and who is enabled to file a will contest in the state of Pennsylvania. A forgery will contest lawyer in Philadelphia can assist you with filing the paperwork. A forgery will contest attorney in Philadelphia will also review your case and provide you with a clarification about whether or not you might be able to prove that someone other than the testator signed the will. You have the responsibility of proving that the will is the result of forgery. The judge that is hearing the will contest case in Philadelphia will only find the will invalid because of forgery if they hear the proper evidence such as expert witnesses, depositions, interrogatories, handwriting analysts, subpoenaed documents, and witness interviews.

Proving forgery frequently requires maintaining a handwriting expert, so this is something you should ask your Philadelphia forgery will contest attorney to advise you about. An experienced attorney working in this field will likely have had some experience hiring handwriting experts before and can advise you about what to anticipate. In the state of Pennsylvania, only an interested party can initiate a forgery will contest challenge. If the forgery damaged you financially, you could meet the grounds for an interested party. It is your responsibility, however, to explain how you believe the forgery occurred and how this has damaged you.

If you are unable to do this, you might struggle with many of the challenges presented over the course of the case and this is what makes it so important to retain the support services of an experienced attorney. Only a knowledgeable lawyer who has practiced in this field for many years can help prepare you for an estate and trust litigation. You can anticipate that the person who is being accused of fraudulently signing the will will prepare their own defense and will try to fire back with experts of their own. You need a reputable handwriting expert to assist you with the many challenges that you could face in the process of representing such a claim like this. However, if you were significantly damage because the will was procured through fraud or by forgery, you are eligible to initiate legal action but bear in mind that you need to be as organized as possible to succeed with a lawsuit like this. The support of a knowledgeable attorney is critical for being able to show that someone else forged the signing of the will, and that this left you significantly damaged.

Since the burden of proof falls on you, your selection of attorney and handwriting expert cannot be overlooked. In fact, this should be some of the most important information you consider in determining whether or not to move forward with a lawsuit. Make sure that you have consulted with an attorney prior to initiating legal action as your selection of lawyer will influence your ability to succeed with this case.

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