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Revocable Living Trust Contest

A Philadelphia revocable living trust contest attorney can help you when you believe that a revocable living trust is inaccurate or was procured by fraud. This is one of the many reasons that you might choose to pursue legal action against an estate planning tool. Revocable living trusts are not contested as often as other estate planning tools, such as a will, but there might still be plenty of reasons for you to consider consulting directly with an experienced Philadelphia trust contest lawyer.

Most people think of a revocable trust as a great tool for estate planning. While it certainly can be, there are also other instances in which it’s clear that this tool is not correct or that the distribution of assets has been handled poorly. In those cases, injured trust beneficiaries are entitled to pursue a lawsuit with the help of an attorney. A trust is a great tool to use, but what happens if the person appointed as a trustee does not uphold the legal responsibility that he or she has in terms of protecting the beneficiaries? This is known as a trustee dispute and can be initiated by those harmed by the fiduciary’s actions or lack of actions. All these kinds of behaviors could lead to removal.

A Philadelphia trust contest lawyer will explain to you what to anticipate in the process and whether or not you already have ample evidence to help to protect your interests. A trust contest lawyer in Philadelphia will help you to avoid many common challenges typically associated with any type of estate planning contest. Other family members who stand to benefit from the current structure of the trust will likely disagree with your determination of filing a trust contest and this is why you want to be informed well in advance with the help of an experienced estate planning and probate lawyer to verify that you have the right evidence lined up. Considering that plenty of people use revocable living trusts rather than wills or in conjunction with wills to cash on their assets, you probably have a question about whether or not you can contest a revocable living trust. According to Pennsylvania law, you are within your rights to contest a revocable living trust if you have appropriate grounds to do so. This is because of the Uniform Trust Act of 2006 which was adopted by Pennsylvania with its own revisions. This act requires that a trustee send out a notice about the death of a settlor to certain individuals, including the beneficiaries of the trust. Any person that has standing to do so can contest the validity of that revocable living trust by initiating a petition with the court. You will want to have an experienced attorney to help you with this. Irrevocable living trusts can avoid probate; however, it cannot avoid a contest over the general validity of the document. You will need the support of an experienced will or trust contest attorney immediately after you decide to initiate such an action. You need to be prepared by having evidence in your corner in advance and consulting directly with a lawyer who has plenty of experience working in this field.

It is often challenging for people who stand to benefit from the current revocable living trust to accept that there may be terms or issues inside that could revoke the validity. Your Philadelphia trust contest attorney is a powerful advocate for you when you need to initiate legal action as a result of fraud or other elements of a trust that might render it inaccurate.

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