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Trust Litigation

A Philadelphia trust and estate litigation lawyer is a person who can help you sort out many different aspects of an intended dispute, such as figuring out whether or not you want to file in the first place, whether or not a settlement offer outside of court appears to be fair given the circumstances and representing you all the way through the conclusion of a litigation.

While no one wants to deal with the headaches of traditional trust litigation or probate disputes, it happens more often than you think. Even when the person who passed away did a lot of work to minimize the chances for disputes, they can and do still occur. When you find yourself in the midst of this, time is of the essence and you cannot afford to make a mistake. Instead, you have to be prepared to put together a compelling set of proof about why someone else is responsible for the harm you sustained due to improper will signing or other probate related issues. It’s not simple to be in this situation, but your willingness to take it seriously and to get legal help can make a world of difference. It’s not something to take lightly, but your lawyer is there to help you!

An estate litigation lawyer or a trust litigation attorney is likely someone who has years of experience in this particular field and one who remains on the cutting edge of issues developing in Philadelphia law. A Philadelphia trust and estate litigation attorney will answer your phone calls, keep you advised about the status of the case and help you navigate the complicated system for managing probate related disputes. Someone who focuses on trust related and estate related litigation is a powerful asset to have in your corner when you are looking to protect your best interests. There are many different types of cases that can fall under the umbrella of trust and estate litigation. A trust and estate litigation attorney in Philadelphia might represent cases involving will contests and will defense, undue influence, elder abuse, appeals from probate, fee disputes, formal accounting, probate fraud, probate litigation, improper execution, removal of executors, removal of trustees, guardianship disputes, creditor claims against the estate, surcharge actions, appeals from estate litigation cases, fiduciary litigation, removal of agents under power of attorney, and more. All of these cases are known for being extremely complex and each involves a careful understanding of the law and the best way to present a case to the court in order to explain why you were initiating a lawsuit to begin with. You cannot count on the judge understanding the importance of your case without being able to present it in a compelling manner, through the guidance of an attorney. The sooner that you can consult directly with a lawyer who understands this area of the law and one who has made a great deal of effort in order to protect the interests of people who are being harmed by dispute related issues, you might expose yourself to unnecessary risks and problems. Because of these issues, it is strongly recommended that you retain an attorney who maintains a reputation throughout Philadelphia for representing the best interests of parties who have been harmed by undue influence, will contest issues, or even actions of a fiduciary.

In these complicated situations, it's hard to figure out exactly what your rights are or what the court requires in terms of filing paperwork and protecting your eligibility to lodge a claim. With these very specific facts, it's imperative to identify an attorney to protect you.

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