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Moving Squatters From Estate Property

Do you need assistance because someone is currently on the property that you wouldn’t classify as part of an estate? You may need to file litigation in order to move forward, and a Philadelphia removing squatters from an estate property attorney can help. This irritating prospect is unfortunately an all too common occurrence that might require you to hire a removing squatters from estate property attorney in Philadelphia.

Any kind of conflict throughout probate, whether it’s an allegation that the executor paid themselves too much or claims that there are squatters on the property should be handled with care. There are many different details that have to be addressed when filing any kind of estate dispute and you can’t afford to have errors or omissions.

A Philadelphia removing squatters from estate property lawyer will assist you with the necessary paperwork and procedure to get people off that property. If you have friends, family members or renters living in real property when someone passes away, there is an official removal process that must be filed if these people refuse to depart. A knowledgeable probate dispute attorney can assist with squatter removal as well as any other estate and probate related litigation matters.

The right attorney can help you avoid pitfalls and traps that far too many people face that could extend the amount of time the squatters surround the property or make it more difficult for you to move on. If you are currently serving as a personal representative or as an executor, or if you are contemplating taking on this legal and fiduciary responsibility, your willingness to hire an estate litigation lawyer to represent and advise you can make a big difference.

A judge will only remove a squatter from property if he or she hears the appropriate evidence. It is your responsibility as the person alleging that the people are on the property illegally, to bring forward this evidence in the form of testimony and documents. All evidence is submitted subject to objections from the squatter. You need to make sure that your estate litigation lawyer understands your perspective and each phase of this very complex journey, because it is your responsibility to convince the judge to make the squatters leave.

Judges will only take on evidence if you and your legal team follow the right legal procedures. The squatter may try using a variety of different theories to justify staying on the property and could engage in procedural steps that could draw out the cost and the process. You need to ensure that you identify someone who has appropriate legal experience in this area. If a trustee or executor believes that a squatter is wrongfully occupying trust property or estate property, you can get a petition to order for the squatter's removal. The squatter can then depart on his or her willingness to do so, or this could require involving the sheriff. Hiring the right estate litigation lawyer can dramatically reduce your cost in managing this legal challenge because you need to present your evidence as effectively as possible when there are timing issues associated with the distribution of the property on which the squatters are currently living.

It might seem like an additional hassle to retain a lawyer, however an attorney can dramatically speed up the process and keep you advised about what to anticipate as the case goes forward so that you do not make mistakes that could compromise your ability to wrap up this matter sooner rather than later, and be able to move on with the management of the estate.

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