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Guardian Abuse

A Pennsylvania estate planning guardian abuse lawyer is here to assist you if you believe that someone who is serving in the capacity of a guardian with your loved one is abusive. Unfortunately, the state and federal government has chimed in sharing that the reality of the situation is that plenty of elderly people are subject to financial and other forms of abuse. If someone suspects that abuse has occured, there are legal remedies available to those parties to get further information. For example, in a probate case, someone can ask for an accounting of what happened to the assets inside.

Legal guardians of seniors can also be abusive to their wards, meaning that you might need to prompt probate related action due to elder abuse and fraud. If you believe that this legal guardian is or already has unduly influenced your loved one in terms of estate planning, you need the support of a Pennsylvania attorney.

When a person serves in the role of guardian, it is their job to only act in the best interests of the person over whom the guardianship was established. As a loved one, however, you might come across evidence that your loved one is being taken advantage of. This can lead to probate disputes.

A Pennsylvania elder abuse probate lawyer can assist you. A probate abuse lawyer in Pennsylvania will help guide you through the legal process and ensure that you have all of the necessary information to protect your loved one. There are many different examples of elderly abuse such as tapping into the ward's personal bank account and using it for personal items and luxuries not related to the owner of the money, encouraging the elderly person to make investments in fraudulent or scam businesses, or transferring assets over to the legal guardian of the elderly person through the estate planning process. Unfortunately, it is far too easy for people to take advantage of a senior citizen in a vulnerable moment.

No matter what kind of probate issue you find yourself facing, the time to act is now if you need further legal advice. Unfortunately, so many people find themselves in the middle of estate litigation without proper support.

An adult child might make a move to get guardianship while the senior is temporarily incapacitated because of health issues. Unable to attend the hearing or to fight back at that point in time, a judge might grant a guardianship believing that the situation has long-term implications and that the child is acting in the best interests of the parent.

If you believe, however, that your parent’s legal guardian is abusive, neglectful or otherwise violating the law and putting your loved one and his or her precious assets at risk, you may need the support of an experienced probate or estate planning dispute attorney. An estate planning dispute attorney will look at your individual case to figure out whether or not undue influence or other issues have already occurred. When it is shown that you have ample grounds to initiate a case, this information can be used to prompt legal action.

The support of the right attorney is critical for establishing legal grounds to pursue a case and should involve the support of a lawyer who has practiced in this field for many years before you initiate the actual legal action. You deserve to have insight from someone who has been practicing in this field over the course of many years and who could advise you promptly about what to expect.

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