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Is It Worth Bringing a Will Contest in Pennsylvania

An is it worth bringing a will contest lawyer in Philadelphia will help you to initiate a lawsuit. An is it worth bringing a will contest claim in Philadelphia attorney will advise you about the very specific facts of your case and what to consider before initiating official litigation.

If the person lacked capacity to sign the will or was unduly influenced by someone else, you should have a lawyer review the strength of your case to provide next steps and recommendations.

There are both monetary as well as emotional costs associated with bringing a will contest. Furthermore, depending on the complicated factors involved, it could take a long period of time and this might not be in the best interests of everyone involved; including you. Before initiating a will contest in Philadelphia, it’s a good idea to sit down with an attorney to determine that you have the finances and the will power to take on this challenge. You will also want to verify with a Philadelphia is it worth bringing a will contest lawyer, whether or not you have the appropriate eligibility to initiate a will contest. A will contest is officially litigation in Philadelphia and if you have never been through litigation before, you need to know that this can be complicated and overwhelming for you.

There will be depositions, possible monthly bills from your attorney, and hearings. Many people do benefit from filing a will contest because they stand to inherit significant assets if their will contest challenges the very validity of the will. Once you initiate a will contest, bear in mind that your attorney might be able to resolve things outside of court. In many cases, it makes more sense to resolve things outside of court than going through full litigation. However, the time period associated with resolving a claim like this can still be quite difficult. During a will contest, you will need to pave your own way in terms of initiating the claim and working directly with an attorney. While some of those costs might in the end be determined to be part of the estate, you should not count on the judge making this determination at the outset of the case. If your opponent believes that you do not have the money or the will power to pay for the cost of litigation, they might try to make the process more expensive or difficult.

The primary purpose of this is to get you to withdraw your petition for the will contest. If you begin your will contest case, you need to understand that you need to be committed to this for the long run in order to protect your best interests. The right attorney can make a world of difference in recovering compensation on your behalf if the will is determined to be invalid.

You can file an official will contest at the Register of Wills and it is strongly recommended that you consult directly with an experienced attorney who has handled many cases like this before. Sometimes there are forfeiture clauses inside a will that can cause you to question whether or not you are within your rights to challenge the will. These are recognized in Pennsylvania but cannot be enforced if the court determines that there is probable cause for a will challenge. Many times, these clauses are added to a will in which the person challenging the will is excluded, which means that that person has nothing to lose by challenging the will.

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