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Improper Will Signing

A Philadelphia improper will signing attorney can assist you or other beneficiaries who have been harmed by a will that was not created within the bounds of validity. There are specific rules in every state about what constitutes a valid will and if a person who is harmed as a result of the current version of the will or who has reason to believe that fraud has occurred, comes forward to share these concerns, this can initiate a will challenge lawsuit.

If anyone has solid proof that the will was not properly signed, this information can be very costly to pursue in court. Affected parties might have grounds to pursue a lawsuit and could recover compensation through the court system. However, if you stand to benefit because the previous version of the will provided assets to you, it might be worth the energy invested to recover compensation through the courts. Only a lawyer can tell you more about what makes sense for you.

A Philadelphia improper will signing lawyer is there to advise you about the legal aspects of your case and to verify that you get the appropriate help as you attempt to show that the will was improperly signed. There are many different reasons why you might want to challenge the validity of a will but if you had reason to believe that another will was created and that the new one was improperly signed, the later will could be thrown out in court. Of course, these issues surrounding the validity of a will can be extremely contentious if there are other people who stand to benefit from the current version of the will. If the will was not appropriately signed, such as if it was signed without the appropriate presence of witnesses, if it wasn't signed in the right location or if the person who signed the document was not of sound mind at the time that he or she put a signature on the bottom of the document, you will bear the burden of responsibility for proving that the will was not validly signed. This can be an extremely complicated type of case to pursue without the help of an attorney.

An improper will signing lawyer in Philadelphia can advise you about how to avoid most mistakes that many people make when it comes to lodging a will contest. You have a limited period of time in which you are eligible to pursue a contest to the existing will and because of the complicated factors involved in showing the court that a will was not validly signed, you need to gather your evidence as soon as possible. Before filing a case, it is recommended that you sit down with an experienced estate and probate administration lawyer who can review your evidence and tell you whether or not you have grounds to pursue a lawsuit. Since it can be a timely and expensive matter to pursue probate administration litigation, it is important to verify the strength of your case in advance. A lawyer is there to assist you with each aspect of your claim and will help you to understand the options for resolution that are available to you when you initiate such a claim. Make sure that you have evidence that helps to support your claim that the will was improperly signed. You may need to speak to witnesses who were there at the time that the will was signed and gather documentation that supports your own case.

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